Exchange Transfer List

NOTICE 1/22/19: The Exchange Transfer List has been cleared. If you requested to be added before July 2018, your name was removed. If you would like your name to be added back to the list, please email

Many people leave the Department or get a transfer without notifying MCO to remove their name from the list. Clearing the list once a year means the list is more useful and effective.

Thank you.

Click here for the Exchange Transfer List (updated March 18, 2019).

If you are interested in placing your name on the Exchange Transfers list, (Article 15, Part D, Section A-6) please send the following information: your name, your home phone number, classification (E-9, E-10, etc.), current institution, desired institution and your facility’s phone number. Please mail to: Anita Lloyd, 421 W. Kalamazoo St., Lansing, MI 48933, or send via e-mail to

Please note:

  • Look at the list and contact any officer with whom you’d like to trade. Their facility phone number is provided.
  • When officers ask to be added to the list, their names are placed at the top. This means the location of your name on the list will change. Please download and search for your name in the list before resubmitting your request.
  • Officers who would like to work at Woodland, Forensic Center or SAI may not get there through an exchange transfer. To work at Woodland, Forensic or SAI, apply directly to the facility.
  • All transfer requests must be submitted in writing and must be approved by both institutions’ wardens.
  • Contact us when your name no longer needs to be on the list.
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