Just say “NO”

House Bills 5174 & 5177 were scheduled to come up for a vote last week.  These bills would reopen the 1,700 bed private GEO facility in Baldwin, MI, and cause the closure of up to two state run correctional facilities.

The Republican majority, however, called a caucus during session and the bills were pulled from the agenda.

While this was a good sign, our fight is far from over. The bills could come up again any day for a vote so we must continue to reach out to our legislators and ask for a “NO” vote on HB 5174 & 5177.

Many members have already contacted their legislators and we thank you. We have concerns, however, that the pressure on legislators to flip their vote to a “yes” is great.

MCO has set up a call in number that will get you patched through directly to your legislators. We need to you act now even if you’ve already made a call. AND, we need you to spread the word and share this number, 1-877-279-1443, with friends, family and co-workers.


Please educate your lawmakers and their staff on why private prisons are dangerous and harmful to the communities and fail to deliver on savings! Ask your legislator to oppose any bill that would privatize prisons and especially call for a “NO” vote on HB 5174 & 5177.

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