Retirees working with Michigan’s most dangerous? It’s not worth the risk!

MCO needs your help to defeat two bills that would allow retirees to work up to 1,040 hours a year while they collect a pension.

The Department of Corrections was the driving force behind Senate Bill 1053 and House Bill 5881. They say the move will save about $10 million a year by cutting overtime costs. MDOC hasn’t shared details about how they arrived at that figure.

MCO’s chief concerns with letting retirees work are prison safety and security.

If the bills pass, retired corrections officers – who may not have worked in a prison for many years – could start working again, even though they lack valuable knowledge about the inmates, other officers and routines at the facility. And since the retirees would be allowed to work occasionally, they may never develop a full awareness of the facility environment.

The bills don’t sufficiently address MCO’s concerns regarding retirees’ training and a whole host of other issues. The Department has not answered our questions, either.

The senate is scheduled to have a hearing on the senate bill next week. Please take a moment to send an email to your state senator and your state representative asking them to vote no if this comes up for a vote.

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