Action Needed: “Right to Work” Fight!


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Dear MCO Members and Friends,

The crap is about to hit the fan!  As we feared, the legislature is talking about taking up the so called, “Right to Work” bills they’ve been sitting on for the last two years.  There are a variety of bills before them — some would make the whole state Right to Work (just like in the southern states) and certain bills would just do it to governmental employee’s.  In addition, there are bills that would affect how we do our business.  Regardless, every one of these anti-worker bills will hurt us and undermine completely any ability of unions to do our business representing you.

I know the last several years have been tough and we’ve taken a lot of hits.  We have and are fighting in every forum we can — at the bargaining table, the legislature and the courts.  Many members have stepped up and joined the fight.  We need you to do that now – immediately — pronto.  The legislature is returning next week in a lame duck session and our friends and the media have told us the majority party is determined to go after the unions once and for all!  Time is of the essence.

We are working with the AFL and coalitions to try to stop all this.  Please follow the link below to send a message to both the Senate and the House.  But we need more than that — please call your own state representative and state senator (leave a message if legislator or staff are not there) and ask them to vote no on any Right to Work legislation.  Be polite but direct and leave your name and address because they really only pay attention to their own constituents.  Remind them as well of the very dangerous job you do every day protecting the public.

This matter is urgent.  Unfortunately, some of our own members will contact their legislator and tell them to do it to us.  Please put the emotion aside and think about how bad things can really get if we don’t have a voice at the table.

Send a message now! before the legislature returns to Lansing on November 27.  There is no time to lose.  Speak up immediately and stay vigilant in case further action is needed.  Thank you and keep up the good work you do every day.

Mel Grieshaber/MCO Executive Director

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