Labor activists fight back

UPDATE FRIDAY: The Senate also voted yesterday on two bills that would introduce Right-to-Work in some form. Both S.B. 116 and H.B. 4003 passed the Senate.

UPDATE AT 5:50 P.M.: The Michigan House of Representatives passed a Right-to-Work bill shortly before 5 p.m. today. There were 58 yes votes and 52 no votes.

H.B. 4054 will go to the state Senate for a probable Tuesday vote. Click here to read the bill.

Tuesday, Dec. 11, could be the day Right-to-Work becomes law. MCO is asking members and supporters to come out again Tuesday to voice their frustration with this legislature and governor for their continued attacks on working-class people. Thousands of union members and labor supporters sounded off at the Capitol today. Let’s get even more there Tuesday.

Stay tuned to the MCO website and bulletins for a time and other details.

In unity, there’s strength.

UPDATE AT 4:54 P.M.: A Right-to-Work bill passed the House of Representatives minutes ago. The bill number is HB 4054. Click here for bill information.

UPDATE AT 3:24 P.M.:

Union members and backers came out in droves today to protest Right-to-Work.

Demonstrators poured into the Capitol early this morning and chanted phrases like, “Hey hey, ho ho, Right to Work has got to go.”  Many wore hardhats and jackets with their union logo. Several MCO members and office staff were in the crowd.

The state Senate viewing gallery was packed for its 10 a.m. session, which recessed just minutes later.

Across the street, protestors were kicked out of the George Romney building where the governor’s office is housed. Throngs of people stood outside with signs and continued to chant. Later, police blocked the Capitol entrances and wouldn’t let protestors enter to watch Right-to-Work proceedings. Hundreds protested outside.

We have heard reports police pepper sprayed people in the Capitol and at least four activists were arrested.

Also, Gov. Rick Snyder formally announced today he would sign Right-to-Work legislation when it hits his desk.

Here’s a few photos from the day:

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