Civil Service RUO Study Released


MCO received the Classification Study from Civil Service on Friday, the 14th regarding the abolishment of the RUO/CMUO classification.  Due to the complexity of the study, and the need to have an in depth discussion with the leadership, the actual study was not released to chapter presidents until late Friday night.

 The study was not favorable to the membership.  In essence, the CSCO indicated that the MDOC was within its rights in abolishing the RUO/CMUO classification.

MCO has meetings set-up for Tuesday June 19th, with its attorneys in Detroit to review the decision and alternatives to appeal it.

 MCO is having discussions with CSC as to MCO representing the former RUOs in a technical appeal.  We appreciate the frustration of the membership at this time.  Be assured that MCO is taking all measures to preserve the rights of the membership, individually and collectively. This litigation has been going on for over 14 months.  It is imperative that MCO move forward in a deliberate and thoughtful manner. 

Click here to read the full report CO and CMO Classification Study 

More details to come in the next few days.

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