State files appeals request in four percent lawsuit

The state has asked the Michigan Supreme Court to consider whether the four percent pension contribution is constitutional.

Last month, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled the four percent contribution the legislature imposed on state employees is unconstitutional. Only the Civil Service Commission can regulate state employee pay, the COA said.

The state filed paperwork Tuesday asking the Supreme Court to take up the case. The Supreme Court will now decide whether to examine the case or let the COA ruling stand. The state claims the Civil Service Commission doesn’t have authority over pensions.

Attorneys for state employee unions will file a response soon. State employee unions have always argued and continue to argue that only the CSC can regulate state worker pay and benefits.

It’s time for the state to just move on. This four percent case has dragged on for almost two years.

We’ve been victorious in this case so far, and we are hopeful that, even though there is a 5-2 Republican majority on the Supreme Court, we’ll win there, too.

Watch MCO’s website, KYIs and bulletins for more updates.

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