Impasse Panel Makes Contract Recommendations

Late today, the Impasse Panel made its contract recommendations to the Civil Service Commission.  View the recommendations for the State Employee Coalition, covering all unions, and MCO unit specific recommendations.  Highlights of Coalition and MCO unit specific items include:

• 2% wage increase Oct., 2014; 2% increase Oct., 2015; plus a 0.5% lump sum Oct., 2014

• All employees to be moved into the new employee health plan (includes higher out of pocket max)

• Unions keep their union security article if Supreme Court rules in unions favor

• Using comp time during pay period will not harm employee (like A/L & S/L) in overtime calculation

• MCO keeps high security retention pay

• MCO retains Letter of Understanding (LOU) keeping MDOC from implementing an unpaid meal period

• MCO keeps status quo on uniform allowance

• MCO keeps “mutual agreement” on 12 hour shifts but Impasse Panel crafts new LOU perhaps affecting pilots

• Panel says no to putting comp time into annual leave formula

Although MCO’s arguments were strong and beat back most of OSE’s proposed take-aways, we are not happy with some of the panel’s recommendations.  We are not giving up and will argue additional points before the Civil Service Commission when it meets December 18 to make the final decision.  In the near future, MCO members will be receiving a letter from the bargaining team sharing more of what the State was after and MCO’s positions.  We need to band together – letting no one divide us!


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