2014-2015 Contract and documents submitted at bargaining

UPDATE 2/21/14: The health care appendix in the contract approved by the Civil Service Commission contains inaccuracies. These errors are being fixed. The corrected version will go back to the Commission for approval, which we anticipate will be done without difficulty. When looking at the contract, please note that appendix H-2 will be updated.

ORIGINAL POST 1/31/14: Here is the copy of the 2014-2015 contract and an outlined summary of the changes. This copy of the contract is rough with edit marks still included. We will upload a clean version of the contract when it is available.

Below are documents filed during impasse proceedings to help members understand the how hard MCO fought for this contract and how unwilling the State was to give workers anything fair. On the left are filings MCO and the Coalition of State Employee Unions submitted. The state’s are on the right.

Filings of the Coalition and MCO Filings of the Office of the State Employer
Unions’ brief to impasse panelUnions’ modification of brief to impasse panel

MCO specific brief to impasse panel

MCO exhibit on assaults to impasse panel (See note 1)

OSE’s brief to impasse panel (See note 2 and 3)
Unions’ response brief to impasse panelMCO specific reply brief to impasse panel OSE’s reply brief to impasse panel
Unions’ presentation to impasse panel OSE presentation to impasse panel
Unions’ letter on health care OSE’s response to unions’ letter on health care





1. Although these documents have been submitted to the Civil Service Commission and are now public record, MCO redacted names of officers and inmates.

2.  Notes a bargaining team member wrote have been redacted.

3. Information relevant only to other specific unions has been omitted.



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