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Michigan Corrections Organization, Service Employees International Union, Local 526M, proudly represents roughly 6,100 Corrections Officers and Forensic Security Assistants working inside Michigan’s prisons and the Center for Forensic Psychiatry. MCO also represents Absconder Recovery Unit investigators and other Michigan Department of Corrections employees.

MCO is a statewide local with 32 chapters throughout the state. Each chapter has its own leadership consisting of a chapter president, vice president, recording secretary, chief steward, and shift stewards.

The MCO's Military Members committee cleans veteran's headstones in spring 2016. MCO has many members that volunteer in their communities.

The MCO’s Military Members committee cleans veteran’s headstones in spring 2016. MCO has many members that volunteer in their communities.

Based on chapter membership, some of these officials become Central Committee delegates who meet in a convention setting to set goals and conduct union business. An Executive Board, elected from the Central Committee delegates, meets monthly and oversees the union’s direction between Central Committee meetings. The statewide Executive Board consists of a president, vice president, secretary/treasurer, recording secretary, and five trustees who also act as judiciary trustees. More on MCO’s leadership structure can be found in our Constitution and Bylaws.

MCO isn’t your typical labor union. We proudly hold the highest membership density of any state of Michigan employee union. Members own the union and are engaged on the things that matter most to them. Our leaders (who are members themselves) and staff listen to members intently, and that input guides the union as we work to transform corrections. We take our messages beyond just State politics, and are leading a nation-wide campaign to raise the professional profile of corrections officers.

What sets MCO apart from others? We engage our members through initiatives like our Officer Dignity initiative, Military Members Committee and Young Members Workgroup. We design and deliver world-class trainings and believe in creating opportunities for members to become directly involved.

A corrections officer checks on inmates during rounds.

A corrections officer checks on inmates during rounds.

MCO came into existence in 1968 when a group of Corrections Officers met to form an organization that would primarily focus on prison security and custody issues. In 1974, MCO affiliated with the Service Employees International Union. In 1979, MCO and AFSCME were successful in convincing the Michigan Civil Service Commission to authorize exclusive representation rights for employee organizations. MCO petitioned for a unit election and won handily over two other unions.

MCO negotiated its first contract in 1981. The first contract contained many innovative features that set the standard for other state employees.

MCO is a movement, not just a contract or an office in Lansing. Get to know the MCO Executive Board and MCO staff. You can also get information on our chapters.

Thanks for learning about MCO.

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