UPDATE: Ballot count date rescheduled for Nov. 4

UPDATE OCT. 21: To give all members enough time to vote, the ballot count date has been pushed back to Friday, Nov. 4. Read more details in this KYI. Please disregard the Oct. 27 date. You can still read the bargaining review here.

ORIGINAL POST OCT. 11: The voting packet will be mailed this week.

But there’s no need to wait until you get the packet to read about the tentative agreement. Read the bargaining review here. The review is only one page.

This year, the vote count will be Thursday, Oct. 27. Your ballot must be returned and arrive in Lansing before that date. This means we are on a tight time frame.

We encourage members to read the bargaining review now, so you can promptly return your voting ballot once it arrives. Please don’t leave your ballot in a pile of mail and miss the deadline!

Also, remember the ballot will arrive in a smaller envelope than in previous years. The envelope will be marked “CONTRACT SUMMARY VOTING BALLOT ENCLOSED” and “TIME SENSITIVE MATERIAL, please open immediately.”

Thank you, members, for voting!