New contract in effect – read it here

UPDATE Jan. 13, 2017: Access the full contract here. This is an updated version of the contract that includes wage and health care information for 2017-2018.

UPDATE Jan. 5, 2017: New contract language regarding health care and wages is available in the links below.

Article 27 Wages and Longevity
Clean Copy 
Copy with changes indicated in red

Article 30 State-Sponsored Group Insurance
Clean Copy
Copy with changes indicated in red

Appendices C1-C2 (to accompany Article 27)
Security Unit Salary Schedule 2017-2018
Clean copy

Appendix F Health Insurance Benefit Chart
Clean Copy
Copy with changes indicated in red

The new articles and appendices replace respective language printed in the contract books. The new articles and appendices will not be mailed to members’ homes. Instead, you can access them at any time using the links above.

The Office of the State Employer is working on preparing an updated copy of our contract which will reflect the changes provided above. This may take some time. When it’s ready, it will be posted here.


UPDATE May 27, 2016: Access the contract here.


ORIGINAL POST Jan. 12, 2016: MCO bargaining unit members are now under a new contract, effective Jan. 1.

Viewed a TAed copy of the 2016-2018 contract here. You’ll see this version still has edit marks in it. MCO and OSE will be cleaning up edit marks, finalizing bid jobs and wrapping up other details over the next few months. Members overwhelmingly approved this contract in November.

Leaders and staff will also be exploring options for printing the contract. Printing may be done differently this year, in light of the fact that we will return to the bargaining table to negotiate wages and health care before the agreement expires.

We’ll keep you posted.