Impasse Panel issues recommendation

The Impasse Panel has recommended MCO and the state to continue bargaining to find a solution to the officer retention crisis.

The panel “… (R)ecommends ordering the parties to continue bargaining over alternative … solutions to the vacancy problem during year one of the economic portion of the agreement,” the recommendation states. Read the full recommendation here.

The panel also recommended bargaining unit employees receive a 2% wage increase and a 2% lump sum in October 2019.

All other items tentatively agreed upon by MCO and the state were approved by the panel.

The panel’s recommendation is still subject to approval from the Michigan Civil Service Commission, which meets again Dec. 12.

It’s important to note that MCO received this decision at 5 p.m. today. We are reviewing the decision and may have additional information or clarification soon.

“Officer retention is a serious issue,” MCO President Byron Osborn said. “While MDOC leaders have adopted some of our ideas to curb the recruitment and retention crises, they were not open to discussing it at bargaining. We hope they come to the table with a renewed sense of urgency to fix these problems now, for the safety of their staff and security of their prisons.”

Watch the website and Facebook group for future updates.