Apply for the Closer to Home Transfer List Now

October 1st through the 31st is the Closer to Home Transfer application window period. Please refer to this DOM, specifically B. that states in part:

“Closer-to-Home Transfer: this category of transfer will be awarded after seniority transfers, but before all other transfer requests. Up to 40 transfers per calendar year will be approved for employees seeking an assignment to a facility within a 40-mile radius of their home. Those wanting such a transfer must submit an application to their exclusive representative for consideration and possible referral to the Department of Corrections.” (If you are in the MCO bargaining unit, MCO is your exclusive representative.)

To be eligible to apply for a “Closer to Home Transfer,” employees must:

  • Have status.
  • Have NOT voluntarily transferred during the 12-month period prior to the application date.
  • Have no record of disciplinary action or unsatisfactory service rating during the two years preceding the date of the filling of position.

Send requests (must be in writing and will be accepted via mail, fax, or email) to MCO, Attention: Stephanie Short. Our fax number is (517)485-3319 and our mailing address is 421 W. Kalamazoo St., Lansing, MI 48933.


  • name
  • employee ID
  • address
  • personal phone number
  • current work location
  • desired work location
  • how far you currently travel for work

Please note:

  • Not everyone who applies will be chosen. There are only 40 spots on the list.
  • If you make it onto the list and subsequently refuse to transfer, no other applicant will be given your spot on the list. This means you deprived someone else of a transfer.
  • October is only the window period for applying only. If you are granted a transfer, it will not happen until sometime in the following calendar year when vacancies occur.