MCO offers relief to members with college debt or out-of-pocket academy costs

Again this year, MCO has two programs to help members who took out college loans or who paid out of pocket for the academy.

The Academy Assistance Program will disperse 20 awards of $500 each to current MCO members who paid out of pocket or got into debt to get their corrections training at a community college in 2014 or 2015. Switching to community colleges for training was a failed experiment, and MDOC returned to the paid academies in 2015. Get full details on the Academy Assistance Program and an application here.

The Student Debt Assistance Program will award 20 grants of $500 each to current MCO members who have student loans from earning an undergraduate degree. Get full details on the Student Debt Assistance Program and an application here.

Here is more information you should know about both programs:

  • These programs will run on a trial basis this year.  After we assess their value to members and effectiveness, MCO may or may not offer them in future years.
  • Qualified applicants will be entered into a drawing (subject to change or alternate criteria) to win one of the awards.
  • You must have been an MCO member in good standing for at least six months prior to submitting your application.
  • Your application must be postmarked by Sept. 1.
  • Incomplete applications will be automatically disqualified.

For nearly two decades, MCO has offered a scholarship program that has been very popular among members. Since its start in 2001, the scholarship program has helped almost 400 members send their children to college. Also this year,  MCO introduced a free online college benefit. Now we are, on a trial basis, expanding our higher education assistance to members and their families to make an even greater positive impact on your lives.

We know we face many challenges at this time.We are continuing to defend members’ interests on all fronts. We can fight for our rights in the workplace and, at the same time, think outside the box about innovative ways we can improve the lives of members and their families.

Thanks, members, for your support.

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