We are proud to offer dues-paying members college affordability programs:

Update on Free College Program

Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) has been granted a preliminary injunction against the U.S. Department of Education’s cease-and-desist action that was issued in July 2022. The department’s cease-and-desist against EGCC’s Free College Benefit Program prohibited new enrollments and creates uncertainty for current students about the future of the free college program.

EGCC filed a lawsuit seeking injunctive relief and U.S. District Judge James L. Graham granted the preliminary injunction in the order. As a result, EGCC has opened spring enrollment and registration for new and current students.

The Summer 2023 semester begins on June 5th. MCO dues-paying members will be able to utilize the Free College Benefit Program to enroll for the June 5th semester to fulfill their 15-credit hour requirement or continue taking classes toward an Associate degree. Please reach out to an admissions counselor to take your next steps in the enrollment process at 1-833-465-2505.

The underlying litigation is still pending, and it is unclear whether the free college benefit will be available beyond the summer semester. MCO is imploring any new officers who have not completed their credit hours to utilize the free summer semester.

For more information about the free college program please email Shawn Davis.

MCO Scholarship Program

For two decades, MCO has offered a scholarship program that has been very popular among members. Since its start in 2001, the scholarship program has helped more than 400 members send their children to college. Every year, the program awards 20 scholarships of $750 each.