MCO is proud to offer exclusive discounts for dues-paying members to popular attractions like Kalahari and Great Wolf Lodge. We also have discounts on hotels, sporting events, car rentals, and more.

Free College and College Assistance

MCO provides members with two programs to make college more affordable for dues-paying members and their families. Whether you still need your initial 15 credits or have a child who could use a scholarship to help with college, MCO can help.

Crisis Fund

The MCO Crisis Fund provides support to members facing a catastrophe, such as a natural disaster, inmate assault, or devastating illness. Nominate someone in need or learn how to donate.

Other Benefits

Did you know that there are many benefits outlined in our contract that offset the cost of membership?
Dry Cleaning/ Laundry Reimbursement:
(PG 88)
Boot Reimbursement:
(PG 89)
Paid Birthday Leave:
(PG 107)
Attendance Incentive Payment:
(PG 146)
Physical Fitness Incentive:
(PG 144)
Other benefits