The contract, also called the Collective Bargaining Agreement, is an agreement between the State of Michigan and COs, FSAs, ARU investigators, and a few other types of employees represented by MCO.


View the 2019-2021 Contract.


Like all state employee contracts, our contract is subject to the rules and regulations of the Michigan Civil Service Commission.

The MCO Executive Board serves as the bargaining team and negotiates a new contract for members every few years.

If you have suggestions for our next round of contract bargaining, please email us.

Grievance Information

MCO members are entitled to first rate legal help when it comes to arguing a complaint at the Michigan Civil Service Commission and understanding the complicated grievance process. For dues-paying members, this benefit is available at no additional cost. Those who do not pay dues but wish to retain Union services for an MCSC complaint will be considered on a case-by-case basis and charged up front for the time and resources as determined by MCO.

Disciplinary grievances and contract violation grievances will be processed under the bargaining unit grievance procedure, and in accordance with state law.

Grievance forms and information are available below.