BULLETIN: MCO reaches bargaining agreement that includes raises, pre-shift, and healthcare enhancements

UPDATE 10/12/19: An invitation to vote was emailed today to the .gov email addresses of eligible voters. If you did not receive it, please check your junk or spam folder. Then contact us and we will verify your eligibility to vote.

Read the bargaining summary here.

ORIGINAL POST 10/11/19: MCO has been successful in negotiating a base pay wage increase of 6% over the next two years and the return of pre-shift meetings.

MCO negotiated the raises, the return of the pre-shift meetings, and health care enhancements with the Office of the State Employer (OSE). The parties reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) this afternoon. The TA must still be approved by members and the Civil Service Commission. Wages and healthcare are the only two contract items being negotiated for fiscal years 2021 and 2022.

The TA calls for:
• a 2% increase in October 2020.
• a 1% increase in April 2021.
• a 2% increase in October 2021.
• a 1% increase in April 2022.

Remember, these raises are in addition to the 2% wage increase that will be on next week’s paychecks and a 2% lump sum coming Oct. 31. This means that in total, from 2019 through April 2022, bargaining unit members will get 8% in raises, plus a 2% lump sum.

Pre-shift meetings will start in October 2020 and be six minutes long before every shift. Staff will be paid straight time for the meetings (no comp time).

Pre-shift meetings were a vital time for officers and supervisors to discuss face-to-face the dangerous situations and other stressors that may arise in the shift.

The TA has no increases to healthcare deductibles or copays, but would include enhancements, including a $1,000 benefit toward Lasik and an increase in the cap on the annual State Dental Plan maximum. There are additional enhancements that will be explained in a bargaining summary soon.

The agreement is subject to approval by MCO members who are eligible to vote and by the Civil Service Commission.

Please be aware that this year, the contract vote will be electronic. MCO leaders hope this is an easier process and that an electronic vote will solicit more participation. Generally, only 30% of the membership votes. The contract voting ballot will be emailed to your state email address in the next few days. Watch for it. If you don’t see a ballot by Tuesday, check your junk folder, and then contact the MCO Central Office to confirm your eligibility to vote. Voter eligibility requirements can be found in Article 7, Section 10 of MCO Bylaws.

Thank you, members, for your support.