Transfers Between Work Locations

Transfers between work locations are governed by DOM 2024-11: Assignment and Transfer for Security Unit Employees. Work locations will fill the first vacancy per six-month transfer period with the most senior, eligible, and qualified applicant. Subsequent vacancies will be filled first by any Closer-to-Home transfers and then consistent with current practice.

There are three primary processess MCO Members may utilize to transfer between work locations. Members are encouraged to communicate with wardens and local MCO officials to assist in facilitating work location transfers.

Seniority-Based Transfer - The window periods to apply are the month of November for transfers between January 1st through June 30th and the month of May for transfers between July 1st through December 31st. Members may submit their requests with their local Human Resources office.

Closer-to-Home Transfer - The window period to apply is the month of October. This category of transfer will be awarded after seniority transfers, but before all other transfer requests. Up to 40 transfers per calendar year will be approved for employees seeking an assignment to a facility within a 40-mile radius of their home. MCO helps to facilitate this process by providing this list to the MDOC. Members may submit their requests directly with MCO HERE during the month of October.

Exchange Transfer - The list is maintained on an ongoing basis and cleared every January. MCO members seeking a transfer to another work location have the responsibility to find an employee in their same classification willing to exchange positions. MCO helps to facilitate this process by maintaining the Exchange Transfer List, for members' reference. Exchange transfers are subject to the approval or disapproval of the involved Warden(s). Members may view the list and submit their requests directly with MCO HERE.