5/9/24 Update on hybrid pension bills


Over the past two days, the House and Senate passed their versions of the state budget and both chambers included funding for our Public Safety Pension bill packages. This was another significant step in the long process to get these bills funded, voted on, and hopefully passed. The next step that will begin within the next couple of weeks is the conference committee, where the sub-appropriations chairpersons from the House and Senate will meet with the Governor’s office to finalize the budgets for all of the departments in the State of Michigan. Those individual department budgets will then be put together to form the final 2024-25 state budget for the Governor to sign.  

The process has been long and slow, but the bills and the required funding for them are still alive and moving. It is encouraging that the House and Senate have officially included funding for the bills in their respective budget proposals. Soon, we will again ask all of you to take action and join us in asking our elected officials to support and pass these bills into law.

B. Osborn

MCO President