The Employment Relations Board sided with the state on our challenge of the RUO and CMUO classification elimination.

The ERB, which is part of the Civil Service Commission, agreed with MDOC’s position that the RUO and CMUO positions were never fully developed as originally intended.

The ERB held in their decision that:

“Because the affected employees did not significantly perform the specialized duties described in the Resident Unit Officer or Corrections Medical Unit Officer job specifications, they cannot be properly classified as Resident Unit Officers or Corrections Medical Unit Officers. The duties that the new position descriptions and the employees themselves described are most consistent with the Corrections Officer and Correction Medical Officer classes. The (ERB) finds no reversible error in the Technical Review Officer’s decision.”

Read the entire decision.

MCO was just informed of the ruling at 3:45 p.m. today.

The MCO State Executive Board will be taking the ruling under consideration. The Board will review all options of recourse, including an appeal to the Civil Service Commission.

We’ll keep you updated.