4 percent lawsuit timeline

STATUS OF 4 PERCENT LAWSUIT 4/22/13: The lawsuit is now at the Michigan Court of Appeals. A district court judge sided with state employees last fall, and the State appealed the decision to the Court of Appeals. MCO is doing everything possible to push this case along, but please understand, the courts work slowly. After a decision is made, the losing side will probably take the case to the State Supreme Court, which would then need time to review the case.

  • UPDATE 5/13/13 The Court of Appeals has scheduled oral arguments at 10 a.m. June 12. After the arguments, the Court will write an opinion. The Court has no deadline for writing the opinion. For more on this update, read this bulletin.
  • UPDATE 7/1/13 Arguments took place as scheduled. No word on when we will have an opinion. For more on this update, read this KYI.
  • UPDATE 8/14/13 The Court of Appeals has ruled the 4 percent contribution is unconstitutional! This is a victory! For more on this update, read this bulletin.
  • UPDATE 9/25/13 Yesterday the state filed paperwork requesting the Supreme Court to examine the case. State employee unions will file a legal brief soon. Read this post for more details.
  • UPDATE 1/31/14 The Supreme Court announced it will take up the case.
  • UPDATE 6/13/14 Last week, MCO’s attorneys told us they do not anticipate this suit will be heard before the Supreme Court’s summer recess. Read this KYI for more details.
  • UPDATE 12/4/14 The Michigan Supreme Court will hear arguments in this case Tuesday, Jan. 13.
  • UPDATE 5/20/15: The Supreme Court heard arguments as scheduled. We are still waiting on a decision.
  • UPDATE 7/29/15: The Michigan Supreme Court ruled against unions in the 4 percent. Read this bulletin for more details. The Michigan Supreme Court is the highest this case can be appealed.