Gov. Snyder signs gun bills!

Today, Gov. Rick Snyder signed HB 4159 and SB 516, the two gun bills MCO members have wanted for years! The bills will allow certain MDOC corrections officers and retired officers to carry firearms in gun-free zones. MCO has been pushing hard for these bills this legislative session. See past updates on the bills. If […]

MCO members approve proposed contract

MCO members voted to approve the proposed 2016-2018 contract. The contract passed by 1,314 (72 percent of the vote) to 516 (28 percent of the vote). Of the 6,511 ballots mailed, 1,837 were returned, making the ballot return rate 28 percent. Only seven ballots were disqualified. “We’re grateful for those members who followed through and […]

More explanation of the health care Cadillac Tax

There’s been lots of talk lately about the Cadillac Tax, an excise tax on premium health care plans. MCO explained some of the basics in the bargaining review that went to members along with their contract ballots. The Northwest Labor Press has written a summary of the tax, the rationale for it, and the prospects […]

Junior service members can get discount travel this holiday season

Here’s some info you might be able to share with a young service man or woman to make their holiday season a little brighter. Operation Ride Home offers travel vouchers to junior enlisted members (E-4 and below) who couldn’t otherwise afford to be home for the holidays. A plane ticket voucher could total as much […]

Gun bills pass the legislature!

UPDATE NOV. 18: Wondering how your legislators voted on the gun bills? See below. Click on the list of votes to enlarge it. HB 4159 Senate votes: HB 4159 House votes: SB 516 Senate votes: SB 516 House votes: If you’d like, you can contact your legislator about how they voted. ORIGINAL POST NOV. 12: […]

MCO’s member engagement initiatives; sign up for military campaign here

ORIGINALLY POSTED JUNE 10, 2015 It’s no secret – times are changing and labor unions across the nation are facing a level of distrust not seen in decades. Union power is diminishing, and meanwhile, the middle class is evaporating. We talk about it at work, at union meetings, in our homes and at town hall […]

Veterans and active military members: Thank you for your service

ORIGINAL POST 11/9:Wednesday, Nov. 11 is Veteran’s Day, and MCO would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all veterans and men and women currently serving in our armed forces. Your sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed. MCO is spearheading an initiative to help us better serve the many corrections officers who are retired or […]

Call legislators now on gun bills!

Two bills that would allow certain current and retired MDOC employees (Parole, Probation, Corrections Officers or Absconder Recovery Unit Members) to carry in weapons-free zones await final approval in the House and Senate respectively. Because these bills are time sensitive, MCO needs all members to get involved and make calls to leaders in both chambers.  […]

2015 Crisis Fund raffle winners announced

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 MCO Crisis Fund Raffle! Winners were drawn Oct. 23 at the MCO central office. Winners are: #1  Scott Fountain #2  Scott Grant #3  Quentin Caldwell #4  Jake Ludtke #5  Chad Johnson #6  Krista Benson #7  Mary Gillman #8  Paul Jensen #9  Kris LaCount #10  Debbie Loomis #11  Jason […]