Supreme Court decision is a win, but Right to Work still applies in Michigan

The Supreme Court issued an opinion this morning in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, rejecting an attempt to restrict the rights of public civil servants to band together in a union. The Court Justices are 4-4 in the case, meaning a decision from a lower court, which ruled agency fees are legal, will stand. With […]

In Memoriam: Remembering our Fallen

George Haight George Haight, a gate keeper, was poisoned by an inmate March 27, 1893 at the Michigan State Penitentiary in Jackson. Haight ate tainted food prepared by inmate Robert Irving Latimer. Latimer served Haight, the captain, and other workers food poisoned with prussic acid. Latimer had special permission to both cook meals and purchase […]

MCO wins RUO/CMUO case in court

Decision a win for MCO members around the state The RUO and CMUO classifications were appropriate for the work those officers performed, a Circuit Court judge has ruled. Former RUOs “work in the housing units and perform the same tasks they have always performed; their jobs have not changed,” the Honorable William Collette wrote in […]

MCO and MAPO join forces

The Michigan Association of Police Organizations (MAPO) is announcing the Michigan Corrections Organization (MCO) Executive Board has voted to join MAPO. The addition of MCO’s 6,700 members will further strengthen MAPO and its efforts to advocate for Michigan’s public safety professionals. “It’s going to strengthen our lobbying position in Lansing,” said MAPO Chairman Richard Weiler. […]