MCO wins RUO/CMUO case in court

Decision a win for MCO members around the state

The RUO and CMUO classifications were appropriate for the work those officers performed, a Circuit Court judge has ruled.

Former RUOs “work in the housing units and perform the same tasks they have always performed; their jobs have not changed,” the Honorable William Collette wrote in his decision issued late yesterday.

The ruling reverses decisions made by the Civil Service Commission and the Office of Technical Complaints.

Judge Collette’s decision raises issues of concern with the way the classifications were abolished.

“Interestingly, the Civil Service Department did not participate in a review of the RUO and CMUO positions … instead, the MDOC abolished the RUO and CMUO positions, bumped all of those employees into newly created CO and CMO positions, and only when a grievance was filed did the Classification Office became involved to determine whether the ‘newly created’ positions were appropriately classified,” the ruling states.

Read the entire decision here.

This ruling is a win for corrections officers around the state who for years have been seeking justice on this issue. We will not lie down while our wages are arbitrarily decreased.
While this is a victory, MCO leaders expect the state will appeal the decision to a higher court.

“MCO can only hope MDOC Director Heidi Washington does right by the members and lets this decision stand,” MCO President Tom Tylutki said.

MCO is consulting with its attorneys to determine how the outcome of this decision may or may not affect back pay. If this case is appealed, MCO will continue to fight.

This is all the information we have at this time. We will share updates as we have them.

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