Pugsley Closure Update: Oaks will be layoff unit; Voluntary transfers will be permitted before bumping starts

MCO and MDOC have negotiated the Oaks Correctional Facility as the layoff unit for the Pugsley closure. A Letter of Agreement was signed this morning.

The letter allows members within the layoff unit to voluntarily transfer outside of the layoff unit before the bumping process begins. In the bumping process, the two facilities’ seniority lists will be combined, and all FTEs at the Oaks will be filled according to seniority. Members who do not have the seniority to be placed at the Oaks will be offered a “Transfer in Lieu of Layoff” transfer sheet.

On Monday, June 13, meetings will be held for both chapters. The exact time and location of the meetings will be determined and communicated by the MCO central office and chapter leaders as soon as possible.

MCO President Tom Tylutki, Vice President Andy Potter, other Board members, and staff will attend the meetings to discuss details and answer questions. Members will also be provided with packets containing vital information.

MCO leaders strongly urge all members at ECF and MPF to attend their respective meeting. Even if you can’t stay, please plan to come to get your packet.

MCO staff will also be at the facilities frequently in the coming weeks. Dates and times will be announced.

All of this won’t happen overnight – it will take several weeks. Your patience is appreciated as we all walk through this process.
MCO leaders know that closures are painful and stressful for the members involved and their families. Most Board members have been through closures themselves and have experienced the worries first-hand. Leaders will do everything possible to mitigate the impact as much as feasible.