TISM seeks corrections officers to volunteer after traumatic events

Corrections officers, please consider becoming a TISM volunteer. This is a great way to support your fellow officers when they’re grappling with stress after a traumatic event in the prison.

TISM (Traumatic Incident Stress Management) services are a continuum of specialized interventions offered to employees and are provided by qualified, specially-trained state employees who have volunteered to be part of the TISM team.

The goal of TISM intervention is to reduce long-term stress related to critical incidents. There is considerable research and anecdotal evidence to suggest that providing support, validation, information on positive coping strategies, and available resources to employees after an incident can be very helpful. TISM is part of the Employee Service Program.

TISM Peer Support team members have a role in encouraging employee participation in TISM services and provide some services to staff. As first responders, corrections officers are likely to be affected by violent and disturbing incidents that happen in prisons, making TISM volunteers so important.

The next TISM training is Aug. 10-11 in Dimondale. Get a volunteer application or more information. Michigan.gov/esp also has resources. You must receive three recommendations, including one from a supervisor. All forms must be submitted to Joanne Bridgford, the MDOC TISM coordinator, at bridgfordj@michigan.gov. The application deadline for the August training is July 22.

If you would like to talk to an MCO staff member about TISM before you sign up, email Karen Mazzolini (MCO’s TISM contact person) at Karen@mco-seiu.org.