Open House to feature exhibits on weapons, member engagement, and more

After the Fallen Officers Memorial Dedication, MCO will host an open house where members and other guests can learn about the union and corrections work. Here are the exhibits you’ll be able to browse inside the MCO office.

  • Weapons  – MCO has a collection of inmate weapons found by members over the years. Everything from brass knuckles to razors melted into toothbrushes will be on display. Some of the items in our collection date back nearly 100 years. Other contraband, like tiny cell phones and tattoo guns made from pens, will also be shown.
  • Uniforms – MCO represents corrections officers, corrections transportation officers, Special Alternative Incarceration corporals, and other civil service positions. Our members wear many different uniforms with pride. This display will feature their different attire. MCO leaders bargain uniforms for all members and guidelines can be found in Article 22, Section I. of the MCO contract.
  • Community – Learn about all the ways MCO members enrich their communities through service. Some volunteer with Special Olympics, food banks, or other worthy causes; some promote the MDOC at hiring fairs and local events. Through their service, members shine a positive light on corrections work.
  • ERT – Emergency Response Team members will show their unique gear, including shields and helmets. Learn more about the dangerous work our ERT officers do at this exhibit.
  • Tomorrow’s Union Today– MCO leaders and staff have been working to engage members in new ways. We’ve launched many initiatives over the last two years, including listening tours, PTSD research and advocacy, a military members’ committee, the Officer Dignity Initiative, and more. We’ll be showing highlights of all we’ve been able to accomplish together.

The Fallen Officers Memorial Dedication and Open House isn’t only about remembering those we’ve lost – it’s also about celebrating and honoring MCO members, who work dangerous and thankless jobs. We hope you’ll join us Sunday, May 7. RSVP now.