Sen. John Proos, Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on Corrections, is ramping up his fight to reduce $41.6 million in funding from the Governor’s proposed corrections budget.

The cuts would be spread to every facility and include removal of $4.3 million for the training of 177 new corrections officers and would likely force the premature closing of another prison, putting officer safety at risk.

MCO is speaking out against these dangerous cuts and has issued this media statement and this press release but we need every member to contact their state Senator and Representative and say no to a budget that is reckless and puts politics above officer safety.

Look up your legislators and call now. Look up your Senator here and your Representative here. Senators are our top priority, but House members need to hear our concerns, too.

The Senate has already passed Proos’ misguided budget recommendation. But now the Senate and House will go to conference committee, where they will decide the final budget.

This issue is time sensitive and of the utmost importance.  We need to generate as many calls as possible to make our voices heard before it’s too late.  Please look up your own state senator and representative immediately as we need to send a loud and unified message to every politician in Lansing.

Now is the time for front line, corrections officers to stand tall and say enough is enough when it comes to the safety and security of our correctional facilities.  If no one answers, leave a message and say you oppose the senate budget proposal and believe no line item or alleged savings is worth the risk to the life and limb of one our own. CALL NOW!