House passes new bill on dress outs

In 2015, MCO began raising awareness of the vile practice of officer “dress outs” by certain inmates. Since that time, we have championed this issue within our state as well as several others. Our Officer Dignity Video that details the effect of these attacks has been seen by thousands of corrections officers, administrators, politicians, concerned citizens and policy makers. Watch the video. (Warning: this video contains adult language. View a censored version.)

Corrections Officer Dignity Video from MCO on Vimeo.

Last week, HB 4119, sponsored by Representatives Brandt Iden, Jim Runestad, Tom Barrett, Gary Glenn, Peter Lucido, Klint Kesto and Robert Kosowski, passed the Michigan House of Representatives 86-23.

House Bill 4119 would add Section 411x to the Michigan Penal Code to make it a felony for a detainee or prisoner in a holding cell, holding center, lockup, jail, or state correctional facility to throw or attempt to throw “bodily material” on any individual performing duties as a peace officer, corrections officer, parole officer, or probation officer.

The felony would also apply if such a detainee or prisoner causes or attempts to cause an individual described above “to come into contact with any bodily material.”

As used in Section 411x, “bodily material” means blood, urine, saliva, or feces. Such an action would constitute a felony punishable by imprisonment up to four years, or a fine up to $2,000, or both.

In addition, a detainee or prisoner charged, convicted, and sentenced under this new section may also be charged, convicted, and sentenced for any other violation of law applicable.

This video is of Rep. Tom Barrett explaining his support for the bill and detailing his personal experience while working Corrections at Guantanamo Bay. We thank Rep. Barrett for recognizing corrections officers as law enforcement and for taking a stand on this issue.

See how your representative voted. The list of yeas starts halfway down the page.

Not sure who your rep is? Look them up here. From that link you can also find their email address and phone number. If your representative voted yes, please call or email them to say thank you for standing up for corrections officers.