2018 MCO Executive Board Nominations

The MCO Central Committee will elect a new Executive Board at its May 10 meeting in Lansing.

Duties of Board members can be found in Articles 10 and 13 of the MCO Constitution and Bylaws.

The Central Committee is made up of the chapter president, vice president and other leader delegates from each chapter. Information on Central Committee is in Article 12 of the MCO Constitution and Bylaws.

Below are the nominees.


Byron Osborn 
2nd Vice President – URF & Member at Large – MCO

Bill Henderson 
Treasurer – MCO


Brent Kowitz
Vice President – SMT & Recording Secretary – MCO

Ray Sholtz
2nd Vice President – SLF & Member at Large – MCO


Paul Jensen
President – ICF

Ed Clements
1st Vice President – AMF & Member at Large – MCO


Cary Johnson
Chief Steward – JCF & Member at Large – MCO

MEMBER AT LARGE (5 positions to be filled)

Scott Waggoner
President – ARF & Member at Large – MCO

Dave Pasche
President – MTU

Tim Fleury
Chief Steward – LMF

Gabe Justinak
President – OCF

Marcus Collins
President – DDC

Latese Walls
President – WHV

Kacy Datema
President – RMI

Voncha Henderson
Vice President – WHV

Mark Dunn
President – ECF

Lorraine Emery
Chief Steward – IBC

Phillip Fleury
President – CFP

Results of the election will be announced May 10.