MCO pushes awareness of PTSD in corrections

Over the last three years, MCO has led a crusade within the State of Michigan to educate the public and legislature about the pervasiveness of Post -Traumatic Stress within the Department of Corrections. This work, which started in 2015, has included national research on the topic, a comprehensive study of the effect of PTSD on officers […]

What you should know about changes to MCO’s mass email system

MCO is switching to a new mass email system. This change was announced in March; however the transition date was postponed to June 30. All links in emails from MCO before June 30 may no longer work after that date. If you have links from our emails that you’d like to access in the future, […]

Move Forward: Fulfilling our Purpose in Corrections

It’s no secret that criminal justice reform is sweeping the nation. From state legislatures to the halls of congress, legislation is being introduced everyday with an eye on decreasing the U.S. prison population and exploring new and different ways of preparing incarcerated individuals for life on the outside. But in all of this reform, where […]

Listen: Michigan Radio story about corrections PTSD

MCO continues to work tirelessly to spread awareness of corrections PTSD. We recently worked with Michigan Radio, a public radio station that broadcasts around the state, on a story about the dangers and stress corrections officers face. This story will be heard by thousands of people around Michigan. Listen to the story now at We’ll […]

Notice: MCO’s 800 number no longer in service

Please note that the MCO central office no longer has an 800 telephone or fax number. Our office phone number is (517)485-3310. In case of an emergency after hours, members can call that number to be directed to our answering service. Our fax number is (517)485-3319. Thank you.

Take the 2018 MCO online bargaining survey now

MCO and the Office of the State Employer are preparing for contract negotiations which will take place this summer and fall. Like in past years, the MCO Executive Board, which also serves as the bargaining team, wants members’ input before negotiations begin. A link was emailed to all MCO members’ personal, home email addresses today. […]

MCO Gains Ground on Important Budget Items While Legislature Calls For Yet Another Prison Closing

By Jeremy Tripp Director, Government & Political Affairs For the past few months, MCO has reported about the ongoing debate in Lansing over the 2018-19 budget for the Michigan Department of Corrections. In April, MCO Presidents from every facility unanimously signed onto letters opposing the budget proposals and asking legislators to reconsider their position. With […]