Move Forward Campaign Puts Corrections Work in the Spotlight

Move Forward: The Value of Union

As we approach the end of 2018, MCO’s Move Forward campaign concludes with the value of Union. Move Forward has always been about much more than a simple poster, but what began as a statewide campaign to highlight the exceptional values of our members has grown into something much more important. Over the past year, […]

Move Forward: The Value of Family

It is widely known that corrections is a difficult environment and officers get little recognition. From long hours to dangerous situations, it’s easy to ask why officers do the job. For most, that answer is easily traced back to one extremely important reason: family, and providing them with a humble living. That’s why family is […]

Move Forward: Fulfilling our Purpose in Corrections

It’s no secret that criminal justice reform is sweeping the nation. From state legislatures to the halls of congress, legislation is being introduced everyday with an eye on decreasing the U.S. prison population and exploring new and different ways of preparing incarcerated individuals for life on the outside. But in all of this reform, where […]

The Value of Recognition

For correctional officers, recognition is rarely a motivating factor in performing one’s duties or acting to ensure the safety of an institution. Recognition is this month’s value in the Michigan Corrections Organization – Move Forward Campaign. Throughout the campaign, we’ll introduce a shared value of our membership, accompanied by a unique poster, every month until Labor Day […]

The Value of Character

Your character tells a story about who you are and where you’ve been. We’re not born with character – it’s instilled in us from a young age and shaped by our families and our experiences. Character is this month’s value in the Michigan Corrections Organization – Move Forward Campaign. Throughout the campaign, we’ll introduce a shared […]

The Value of Honor

In corrections, the term honor can take on many forms. From high standards to personal achievements, honor is regarded and sought after by every member of our profession. To many, honor is earned and at times comes with great sacrifice. To acknowledge these contributions, honor is this month’s value in the Michigan Corrections Organization – […]

The Value of Sacrifice

Corrections staff work holidays, weekends, and evenings. They routinely miss holidays, special events and moments with their families. In addition to regular shifts, many officers are mandated to work overtime, sometimes more than once a week, due to the staffing crisis. That is why this month’s value in the Move Forward Campaign is sacrifice.