MDOC announces closure of Ojibway Correctional Facility

MDOC has announced the closure of Ojibway Correctional Facility, tentatively scheduled for Dec. 1. Read the MDOC’s announcement here. MCO leaders were notified this morning.

There was no single reason OCF was chosen to close, according to MDOC’s statement. In addition to offering staff positions at facilities with vacancies, MDOC will work with the Department of Talent and Economic Development and Michigan Works! to assist employees.

Although MCO members have experienced closures in the past, this one will be particularly disruptive to staff due to Ojibway’s location. The closest prison, Baraga Correctional Facility, is 98 miles away. MCO leaders understand the stress this will inevitably cause OCF staff and their families.

MCO leaders will also meet with the MDOC to discuss the serious potential ramifications of this closure and to discuss a bumping area, with the goal of coming to a mutual agreement that mitigates the impact to members as much as possible. This is a difficult process and will take several weeks.

MCO will keep members updated on any developments. Please watch our website, email newsletters, and members-only Facebook group. You can also sign up for text message alerts by texting MCO to 787753.