MCO’s 2018 Endorsement Guide

Check out MCO’s 2018 endorsement guide and special video interview with Gubernatorial Candidate Gretchen Whitmer.


Endorsement Guide (hover and click button at center to view full screen:

In the guide you’ll find great information like:

  • A transcript of our Q&A with Gretchen Whitmer. MCO asked her tough questions on mandates, privatization, the Michigan Civil Service Commission rule changes, and more.
  • Why COs should seriously consider voting absentee
  • How MCO decides who to endorse
  • How members are building bridges with legislators
  • MCO’s key endorsements and our full list of endorsements

Your vote is your own. These endorsements are a suggestion we hope you will consider when making a personal decision about how to vote.

Prepare for election day now by going to From there you can:

Register to vote (deadline: Oct. 9)

  • See a sample ballot
  • Find your voting location
  • Learn how to vote absentee

Thanks for reading!