MCO bands together to support WHV COs

What an awesome day yesterday at WHV. Dozens of members came to the MCO cookout and enjoyed a break with fellow staff. MCO hosted the cookout to show our solidarity and appreciation for WHV officers, especially the women who have faced 8-hour mandates multiple times per week.

9.27.18 WHV Cook out

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Here’s what a few WHV officers and volunteers said about the event:

“It’s a nice breath of fresh air. It brings the morale up. I don’t see anyone mad. Everyone’s got a smile on their face. This facility needed it. I enjoyed myself today.” – CO Socier

“This has never happened before – officers coming in to relieve fellow officers. It’s not all bad behind these walls.” – CO Henderson, WHV Chapter President

“Here at our facility, MCO’s efforts to make our work environment better has really changed the tone of this facility.” – CO Beard, WHV Chapter Chief Steward

“I feel like the officers here are just getting hammered with the overtime. It’s a nice thing that Warden Brewer let us (volunteers) come in here so the staff could have lunch and not be rushed. Some days they don’t even get a lunch.” – CRR McCumber-Hemry, JCF, Volunteer

For this event to work,  female COs from other facilities volunteered to relieve staff at their posts so they could come to the cookout on their chow break. MCO leaders would like to thank all the volunteers. You helped us prove to these women that they are not alone. Officers around the state understand what they’ve been through and want to help. This event was the vision of MCO Recording Secretary Cary Johnson and she deserves thanks for bringing it together. We also want to give a shout out to Warden Shawn Brewer for working with MCO to allow the event.

This is the type of work we can do when we stick together. It’s proof that our actions can influence the morale of our workplaces. This event was beyond anything in the contract, but thanks to our relationships and member strength, we were able to have a positive impact on members’ lives.