Take the MDOC Wellness Survey Now

Did you see the MDOC’s Staff Wellness Survey?

A reminder email explaining and linking to the survey was sent by MDOC to state email addresses Monday.

MCO encourages all MDOC staff to take this important assessment. The purpose of this survey is to improve the MDOC’s ability to support employees by learning more about your physical health, mental health, family health, work health, and social relationships. Your input is critical for this study to be a success and for the department to develop meaningful training and programs specifically designed for staff.

All responses are anonymous.

MDOC is partnering with Desert Waters Correctional Outreach to conduct this survey. Desert Waters is a Colorado-based, non-profit corporation which specializes in the health and well-being of corrections professionals. You may recall that Desert Waters is the same non-profit that helped MCO conduct a member survey in 2015. They are a credible organization that truly cares about the health of corrections professionals.

You will need about 25-30 minutes to answer all the survey items. You can skip items and quit at any time. If you need to stop and continue later, you will need to restart the survey.

Although the survey will ask questions about your mental health, traumatic exposure, physical health, and substance use, the Staff Wellness survey cannot, and will not, be used for the diagnosis of any condition. Some of these items ask about difficult experiences you may have had. It is not unusual for people to feel distressed when reflecting on those topics. At any time, you can call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, Safe Call Now at 206-459-3020, or the Employee Service Program at 800-521-1377 (www.michigan.gov/esp).

This survey closes Jan. 11, 2019. 

“It is important that all corrections staff take this survey so Desert Waters and department leaders can understand the struggles of staff and take action to address them,” said MCO Executive Board Member Marcus Collins, MCO’s representative on the MDOC EPIC team on Employee Wellness. “This assessment will give leaders and researchers more data on the health of corrections staff and the resources we need.”

Please take the survey today and encourage your coworkers to take it, too.

Thank you.