Watch: Impasse Panel video shows MCO’s advocacy at bargaining

Because the Michigan Civil Service Commission has now settled our contract, we are releasing the video of the Impasse Panel hearing Oct. 31. We realize parts of the video may be hard to hear, so we are also releasing the hearing transcript. Read the transcript here. MCO’s hearing starts where you see the red arrow.

We hope this video and transcript paint a picture of the research and dedication that MCO leaders and staff put forth on behalf of members during bargaining.

Remember, the impasse panel makes a recommendation on contract disputes, which then goes to the Civil Service Commission for approval. On Dec. 12, the Commission imposed a contract that calls for a 2 percent wage increase and a 2 percent lump sum in October 2019. The commission rejected the panel’s recommendation that we bargain solutions to the retention crisis.

We delayed releasing the video because the impasse hearing is technically part of bargaining. We didn’t want to take a misstep that could backfire on us late in the game.

Please note, when you see a transition in the video, nothing was edited out. Our camera automatically stopped recording after long periods of time. We immediately pressed record again when this happened.

Thanks, members, for your support.