A look back at our advocacy this year and our priorities for 2021

MCO Members, As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, it continues to create extremely hazardous and stressful working conditions inside of all of the state prisons and the state forensic psychiatry hospital. As we all know, the pandemic conditions have been made even worse by the extremely high number of vacancies in our ranks. Simply put, […]

In Memoriam: Officer Jack Budd

Jack Budd was murdered at the former State Prison of Southern Michigan in Jackson on Dec. 27, 1987. It was 33 years ago this week. An inmate, armed with a weapon, came out of a shower area and stabbed Budd while he was checking ID cards. Budd and other officers subdued the inmate. Budd passed away […]

Congratulations to our 2020 Crisis Fund Raffle Winners

The 2020 MCO Crisis Fund Gun Raffle was held today at the MCO central office in Lansing. Listed below is the information provided on the winning tickets. The winners are: 1st: Shane Rennells, JCF 2nd: Ryan Palm, MBP 3rd: Chuck Santure, LCF 4th: Kik, JCF 5th: Richard Reza, RMI 6th: J. Counselor, MCF/LRF 7th: Travis, […]