Gun Tower Coffee supports Michigan corrections officers

Have you tried Gun Tower Coffee?

A retired Michigan corrections officer started this new coffee company with COs in mind. Plus, 10% of net profits go to groups that support COs, like the MCO Crisis Fund!

The retiree got the idea from his son, who is a firefighter. Firefighters drink a special brand of coffee that donates some profits to firefighters’ crisis funds.

“My son said, ‘Dad, why don’t you do a coffee company for corrections officers?’”

Gun Tower Coffee offers a medium and dark roast in 1 lb. bags and 12-cup packets. Because manifesting can be an issue when bringing in coffee, the packaging is clear plastic.

When you buy Gun Tower Coffee, 10% of profits will be donated. Go to, and at checkout, select the option to give to the MCO Crisis Fund. You can also buy Gun Tower  Coffee at More Purks in Ionia. Keep your eyes peeled – it may be available soon in other stores near Michigan prisons.