Facility Critical Information Report Form

Dear Members,

As we continue our efforts to raise awareness of our concerns about short staffing, overuse of mandatory overtime, closed positions and staff assaults, we have created an online form on the MCO website for members to utilize to report these occurrences to us. Our goal is to create an additional means of documenting this information for reference as we continue to push for safer working conditions. Some of this information may overlap what we are already able to get from the MDOC and our local facility reps, but we want to start up this new option to see if it’s productive. It all hinges on whether members choose to utilize it. The form is designed to capture information about specific topics, and we ask that members only enter accurate information that can be verified. It will be a work in progress, and we may need to adjust the form as we go. Please submit info on your own time or while on authorized breaks while at work. To access the reporting form, please the following link:

Critical Information Report Form

If you have any questions about the online reporting form, please email us.

B. Osborn

MCO President