12/21/23 Update on delayed recruitment/retention bonuses

A new Letter of Understanding has been signed and given interim approval to authorize the payment of the bonuses that were delayed earlier this month. The new letter will go before the Civil Service Commission on February 7, 2024 for final approval, and once approved the payments will be processed. Just a reminder- these bonuses were recommended by the legislature last summer. We appreciate their efforts in allocating this money for our membership, even though it wasn’t set up as we would have preferred. For those who don’t recall, these bonuses are as follows-
$1,000 if hired prior to Jan. 8, 2023 and have 3 or more years in.
$1,500 if hired prior to Jan. 8, 2023 but less than 3 yrs as of Feb.3, 2024.
$2,000 if hired between Jan. 8, 2023 and Sep. 30, 2023.
$3,000 for new hires between Oct 1, 2023 and Sep. 30, 2024. (Paid 1,000 at hire, 1,000 at 6 months, 1,000 end of year)
Once the offical pay date is confirmed, an update will go out. Likely to be late February.
B. Osborn