2/27/24 Update on Bonus

The state has notified us that the $1,000 bonuses are scheduled to be paid in the second pay period in April. As usual, the delay is ridiculous. It is apparent that they are still a little pissy about the Impasse Panel and Civil Service approving an extra 20 million to go toward our starting pay and accelerated pay scale increases coming up in October after we told them no on their contract offer. LOL

The hybrid pension bills are still active in the legislature and so far we have had over 2,800 letters sent in by our members asking Senators to support the bills. We recently sent everyone the phone number to Senator’s offices, please take a few minutes and call your Senator. We will soon move to sending the letters and making phone calls to the State Representatives in the House asking them to support the bills. As both sides of the Legislature begin preparing their respective state budget proposals, it is absolutely necessary that our entire membership continues to press them to support these bills and put money in the state budget for the bills. 2,800 letters is a lot, but is still only half of us. Please participate.

B. Osborn

MCO President