5/28/24 Update on Pension Bills

Members, this was emailed to all of you last week. We need everyone to use this link to continue to push for our hybrid pension legislation to be funded by our elected officials.

Our working conditions have been spiraling downward for years, and we know exactly why. Without a strong retirement, our officers are leaving the field in droves. This staffing crisis won’t get better until we get actual change from our elected leaders to help retain and attract new officers.

The Michigan House and Senate each just passed a budget that funds the Public Safety Officer Pension Bill Package. This would give public safety officers the option to participate in the Michigan State Police Pension Plus Retirement System – an important step to address a worsening staffing crisis.

We need to make sure our retirement package makes it through the budget process to Governor Whitmer’s desk – and we need to hear from YOU to make it happen. Click here to email decision makers today and make sure our retirement is included in the final version of the budget: bit.ly/MCOPension

Our members deserve the peace of mind in knowing that their future is secure. And decision makers need to know that this is a priority not just for us, but for them. We’re hemorrhaging taxpayer dollars on training and mandatory overtime. These short fixes won’t solve the problem. We need lasting solutions.

Tell decision makers that we need their support! Click here to send a letter now: bit.ly/MCOPension

Links for are also available at www.mco-seiu.org.

B. Osborn

MCO President