7/10/24 – Update – Report Incidents to MCO


We must continue to make our legislators and the public aware of our unsafe working conditions. As you’ve seen over the past few days, a number of legislators and media outlets are paying attention right now. This isn’t a one and done splash we’re trying to make, we need to keep a steady stream of information going out to all of these people. To do that, WE NEED YOUR HELP.
I am asking all of you to immediately begin using the reports@mco-seiu.org email address to report the following information to MCO:

  • 16 hr shifts (mandatory and voluntary) you work per week
  • 32 hr violations
  • All assaults on staff (including any recent assaults)
  • All prisoner fights and assaults
  • All closed positions on your shift
  • All incidents involving noncompliant groups of prisoners
  • All weapons and drugs found

These things may seem routine to us, but the legislators and the public don’t usually hear about it. Now they will IF we can make this effort to keep track of it all and send it to them. We are asking the local reps at each facility to track this info as best they can and report it, but it has to be a total team effort. It only takes a minute to send a report to reports@mco-seiu.org so please spread the word. You can also submit reports on the MCO website HERE.

B. Osborn