What You Need to Know about Civil Service Rules Changes

In September 2017, the Michigan Civil Service Commission (MCSC) adopted rule changes that prohibit bargaining shift transfers, overtime assignments and positions, and layoff and recall procedures. Now, we’re showing our solidarity despite these changes.

A Note from the President: Director’s Office Memorandums

The following are updates President Byron Osborn issued regarding the MDOC Director’s Office Memorandums on overtime distribution, annual leave, and seniority lists. 5/18/19: The current Annual Leave DOM does not have specific guidelines on vacation picks after a voluntary shift transfer. Some facilities weren’t giving officers any picks at all, some were giving one block […]

Members and Families: Tell Director Washington how her Decisions will Impact You

Below is information about an email MCO is urging all members to send to MDOC Director Heidi Washington and MDOC HR Director Jonathan Patterson. Families of COs can also send a message to Washington and Patterson here to tell them how their changes will impact their family. Thank you, members, for sticking together.

MCO letter to Director Washington on annual leave DOM

Below is a statement emailed to MDOC Director Heidi Washington and MDOC HR Director Jonathan Patterson. It addresses their DOM released yesterday concerning annual leave scheduling and the passing of the vacation book. In the coming days, MCO will ask members to take action to tell the director how this change will impact you, your […]

Send a strong message of solidarity – wear the anniversary pin

In facilities all over Michigan, MCO members are discussing Civil Service rule changes that are scheduled to take effect January 1, 2019. These changes are the result of a strategic attack on unions and another attempt by anti-worker organizations to silence the voice of workers and inject uncertainty about issues important to corrections officers and […]

Civil Service Commission votes to adopt rule changes

The Michigan Civil Service Commission approved rule changes today aimed at standardizing several processes, including seniority calculations, overtime assignments and positions, and layoff and recall procedures. These changes aren’t scheduled to go into effect until January 2019. The new rules also prohibit state employee unions from filing grievances on those issues. Additionally, commissioners reinstated the […]

Bulletin: Important information on Sept. 20 MCSC meeting

You may have heard that some state employee unions are asking members to attend the Michigan Civil Service Commission meeting (MCSC) Sept. 20. MCO is a part of this union coalition. The MCSC meeting Sept. 20 is public. Anyone may attend. Seating will be very limited, as we anticipate a large turnout of state leaders, […]

Call the Governor on proposed MCSC rules changes

MCO leaders encourage members to call Gov. Rick Snyder about the proposed Michigan Civil Service Commission rules changes. The Commission will decide on these proposed changes Wednesday, Sept. 20, so please call immediately. You can reach the governor’s office at (517)373-3400. If no one answers, leave a message. Here are a few points you could […]

Unions, attorneys examining proposed Civil Service rule changes

The Michigan Civil Service Commission will consider proposed rule changes that the state personnel director claims will improve efficiency and streamline employee issues. A coalition of unions and attorneys are combing through these proposed changes to Civil Service Commission Rules Chapter 6, “Employee-Employer Relations.” The coalition is preparing to address the proposed changes and impacts […]