Gov. Snyder approves of Michigan housing out-of-state convicts

UPDATE JUNE 10: Snyder signed the bill yesterday. Read more details from MLive.

ORIGINAL POST JUNE 1: We need your help! The Michigan House and Senate have approved HB 4467, which would allow Level V and VI inmates to be housed at the private GEO prison in Baldwin, MI.

MCO is strongly opposed to this legislation and has testified and spoken out against it. During floor debate, both Republicans and Democrats voiced concern over GEO’s motives and how this bill would impact Michigan’s future. A Senate amendment that would have excluded Michigan inmates from being housed at the facility narrowly failed, falling short by only 1 vote.

Last week, Governor Snyder told reporters he was still undecided on whether he will sign the controversial legislation. That’s where you come in. We need every member to reach out to Governor Snyder at (517) 373-3400 and tell him to veto the bill.

Tell him the use of deadly force and the rehabilitation and incarceration of human beings should not be handed away to a for-profit business. We have seen horrendous results with GEO, and Michigan should not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Many members have stepped up and made the call.  We need you to do that now – immediately – today.  The governor could make up his mind at any second. He needs to hear from the men and women who do Michigan’s most dangerous job and understand the risk this bill creates.

Call Governor Snyder now. If you speak to someone be polite and direct or leave a voicemail asking the Governor to veto HB 4467. This matter is urgent. We hope you will take the time to make the call.

Read more information and a list of how your legislators voted on HB4467.