UPDATE: MCSC gives interim approval on mandatory OT LOU

UPDATE 6/23/15: Read the LOU concerning the mandatory overtime list. It received interim approval by the Civil Service Commission late Monday.

Although the LOU itself does not state that MDOC will go back to Access to manage mandatory overtime, the Department administrators have agreed that reverting back to Access is the only way to enforce the LOU at this time.

MCSC approval is a normal part of the LOU process, but it took longer than expected this time. Last week, we tried to get the information we had to members as quickly as possible. But the time frame we were given last week and passed on to members wasn’t achievable.

The good news is the LOU has been approved, and MDOC officials are now telling us they hope to have Access up and running at all facilities by the end of the week.

ORIGINAL POST 6/17/15: The MCO Executive Board has reached a temporary understanding with the Department to use the old Access system to record mandates until the OMNI system is able to show an employee’s last date of mandate.

According to the information we have today, this switch is scheduled to take place by June 22.

The Board has listened to concerns coming from members through emails, calls and chapter officials speaking up at the last Central committee conference. The Board and MCO staff hope this understanding alleviates some of the issues with the mandatory overtime system.