MCO and MAPO join forces

The Michigan Association of Police Organizations (MAPO) is announcing the Michigan Corrections Organization (MCO) Executive Board has voted to join MAPO. The addition of MCO’s 6,700 members will further strengthen MAPO and its efforts to advocate for Michigan’s public safety professionals.

“It’s going to strengthen our lobbying position in Lansing,” said MAPO Chairman Richard Weiler.

MCO President Tom Tylutki will be joining MAPO’s Board of Trustees.

“I hope that this partnership will bring the public a greater understanding and appreciation of the role corrections officers have in enforcing the law and keeping communities safe,” Tylutki said.

MCO officials united with other public safety officers through MAPO as a means to support their members with increased opportunities for affordable benefits and services. One benefit MAPO offers is the ability to partner with other law enforcement agencies for a stronger lobbying position.

MAPO represents nearly 10,000 certified law enforcement officers. MCO represents state corrections officers, forensic security assistants and absconder investigators throughout the Michigan Department of Corrections and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

MCO will join with the current MAPO members in an effort to improve health care options for members and improve benefits for those who put their lives at risk every day.